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Peter Jones is an ex Chartered Surveyor (retired, whatever that means!), an author and a serial buy to let property investor. He has been involved in property for over 30 years having graduated from the College of Estate Management, Reading University, and then qualifying as an Associate member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in 1983, before being elected a Fellow in 1992.

By the age of 35 he was a Salaried Partner in a well respected firm of Chartered Surveyors, and was managing partner of their West End of London Office. His specialty was commercial property but during the recession of the 1990’s his specialisation became redundant, and so did he.

Peter Jones

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Seven Steps to Financial Freedom Through Buy to Let

10 Top Tips for Property Renovation Profits

Making money renovating property can be easy … if you know what you are doing! A lot of people think they can make money by renovating property …until they try it!

With the popularity of TV programs like “Property Ladder” and “Homes under the hammer” it seems like every one wants to try their hand at property renovating.

And on the face of it, that’s a good idea. After all, it can be highly profitable.

In fact, there are very good reasons why every buy to let investor or property investor should ALWAYS find property to renovate, even if they are going to keep them as a simple buy to let, to rent out.

But the shocking truth is that very few renovators actually make any money from property renovating!


10 Top Tips For Property Renovation Profits

All About Buy To Let Finance And How to get It

If judged by the numbers alone, buy to let has been hugely successful with almost 2 million buy to let mortgages being lent since 1996.

With the property market now in recovery the number of buy to let loans applied for, and lent, is only going to continue to increase.

Successful property investors will tell you that ‘Finding the right finance is as important as finding the right property’.

But getting a buy to let mortgage IS NOT like getting a mortgage to buy your own home.

Professional investors will tell you that “getting the right finance can make a good deal great, but getting the wrong finance can make a good deal poor”.

So surely it makes sense to know as much as you can about buy to let finance BEFORE you apply for your loans.

The problem is there are numerous buy to let lenders offering a bewildering array and choice

All About Buy to Let Finance And How to Get It

The Great Buy to Let Scam and How to Avoid It

I’m a big fan of buy to let and have been actively investing for the last 20 years. During that time I’ve put together a sizeable portfolio and, through my books and courses, have helped many others do the same. But there are aspects of buy to let which disturb and worry me. In this short eBook I’m going to tell it how it is, and show how you can protect yourself, so that you can invest with full peace of mind.

Property Market News

buy to let deposit

Can I Borrow The Deposit for a Buy to Let Mortgage?

I’m quite often asked, “Peter, can I borrow the deposit money for my buy to let, and finance the rest on a buy to let mortgage?”

Or, alternatively, I’ll be contacted by someone who says, “I’m about to buy a property with a buy to let mortgage and I’m borrowing the deposit from my friend/business partner/ JV partner who I met at the local property network meeting”.

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Can You Really Get Capital Growth on Your Buy to Lets Up North?

I never fail to be amazed when potential (or even experienced) investors tell me that they don’t want to invest up north because you don’t get capital growth. Really? Well, that’s news to me. And I’ve been investing “Up North” for over 20 years. Now, of course, wherever you invest, capital growth is not linear.…

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