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Peter Jones is an ex Chartered Surveyor (retired, whatever that means!), an author and a serial buy to let property investor. He has been involved in property for over 30 years having graduated from the College of Estate Management, Reading University, and then qualifying as an Associate member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in 1983, before being elected a Fellow in 1992.

By the age of 35 he was a Salaried Partner in a well respected firm of Chartered Surveyors, and was managing partner of their West End of London Office. His specialty was commercial property but during the recession of the 1990’s his specialisation became redundant, and so did he.

Peter Jones

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Seven Steps to Financial Freedom Through Buy to Let

10 Tips to Prosper in Buy to Let

It’s no surprise that buy to let has been a phenomenal success over the last decade.


Buy to let can provide extra income, a nest-egg for the future, cash lump sums, and can supplement your pension. It can provide a replacement income and set you free financially. And, after time, it could allow you to sack your boss! In a time of economic and political uncertainty the old adage “as safe as houses” rings true. In most of the UK the property market has recovered since the 2007/8 crash. Record low interest rates look set to remain low for years to come, and mortgages are probably as cheap as they will ever be. More and more households are renting and not buying their own homes. All in all buy to let makes perfect sense; perfect sense, that is, when it’s done properly.

10 Top Tips For Property Renovation Profits

The Five Capital Value Power Plays of Successful Property Investors

Since the down-turn of 2007 average UK property values have recovered in many parts of the UK over the last few years. But the problem with looking at averages is they don’t tell the full story. More recently in London, parts of the south east of England, and in a few other select areas, property values have stagnated whilst in the Midlands and the North they have continued to increase, albeit more slowly than we have seen in the past. But despite what the press and the doom and gloom experts and economic think tanks tell us, I am convinced that …

All About Buy to Let Finance And How to Get It

The Great Buy to Let Scam and How to Avoid It

I’m a big fan of buy to let and have been actively investing for the last 20 years. During that time I’ve put together a sizeable portfolio and, through my books and courses, have helped many others do the same. But there are aspects of buy to let which disturb and worry me. In this short eBook I’m going to tell it how it is, and show how you can protect yourself, so that you can invest with full peace of mind.

Property Market News

Why Bridging Can Allow You to Do More Deals

One of the great things about being in property today is that there are so many different ways we can raise our finance. And if you find yourself in a situation where you find yourself a fantastic refurb opportunity, but you can’t get standard buy to let lending because it needs a bit too much…

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Gross Yield Explained: Buy To Let Investing

A question I’m sometimes asked is what is, “gross yield and when would I use it?” In its simplest form gross yield is the return on the property. Now, often times that’s the return ignoring costs, and the most simple way of calculating gross yield is to take the annual rent and to divide that…

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Don’t Ask What To Pay A Mortgage Broker, Here’s Why!

Something I see debated a lot online is whether we should pay a mortgage broker and if we should, how much we should pay. I often see on Facebook groups and forums people posting saying words to the effect of, ‘can anyone recommend a good mortgage broker who doesn’t charge a fee?’. I must admit…

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Life Is A Game, Play It!

TGIF Investors! This afternoon I talk about a quote sometimes attributed (falsely or maybe not?) to Mother Teresa- regardless of its actual source- the message…

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