Would a One-on-One Consultation Help?

One-on-one Mentoring and Consultation Sessions Now Booking For October/November “If you want to achieve great results, find someone who’s achieved what you want to achieve, and then do what they do”. Tony Robbins  One of the (few) advantages of being old(er) is experience and knowledge, and I’m very happy to share my experience and knowledge…


Why Borrowing Other People’s Money Makes Buy to Let Property Even More Exciting

This week we look at borrowing, with other people’s money! Your ability to invest in Property using your time and effort and someone else’s cash! Property investing, including buy to let, works better when you use someone else’s money – it greatly increases the returns on your own money invested. Here’s to successful property investing!…


Can I Really Invest in Property With Little or No Money of My Own?

But could he be someone who controls property without owning it, but can receive the benefits of ownership anyway?
Yes, there are ways of doing that.
There are a number of cheap, low money, not much money required, No Money Down, entry point strategies which he could use, even if he has no money, or limited funds.

buy to let deposit

Can I Borrow The Deposit for a Buy to Let Mortgage?

I’m quite often asked, “Peter, can I borrow the deposit money for my buy to let, and finance the rest on a buy to let mortgage?”

Or, alternatively, I’ll be contacted by someone who says, “I’m about to buy a property with a buy to let mortgage and I’m borrowing the deposit from my friend/business partner/ JV partner who I met at the local property network meeting”.


Which Comes First, the Deal or The JV Finance?

I’ve had a great question from one of my mentees…. Hi Peter, I would like to find out a little more about a joint venture, preferably on a BRR approach than a straight slip. Roughly, how would this work: a) find a deal and then find a JV to match the deal b) find a…


Not The Sort of Day Any Property Investor Would Want

So, I was pretty excited to jump on the train, and headed off with the usual agenda.

We’d talk about the “Three Rs”; rents, repairs, and refurbs..

We’d look at a couple of the buy to let properties, typically where tenants have just left, and agree


This is a Much Better Way for Me to Mentor You in Property

Someone came and dug up my front lawn a couple of weeks ago. But I don’t mind! It meant I could be connected to high-speed fibre optic cable. It means fast broad band and wi fi at home. And it’s changed my life. You see, before lock down, I did all my mentoring face to…


Should I Tell Estate Agents I’m a Cash Buyer?

A question I’m often asked is, “Should I tell the estate agent I’m a cash buyer?” The premise behind this question is, no doubt, estate agents think a cash buyer will transact a deal quickly and with less hassle as, in their minds (experience) mortgages take longer (too long) to arrange. So, a cash buyer…