Should I Buy Now or Wait Until Next Year

I’ve had a great question from one of my readers. “If you were in the market to buy, buy to lets, would you look for deals now or wait until next year to see where the market is then?” Now, I have to start by saying that I can’t give financial advice, I can only…

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What Will Happen Next In The Property Market

So what is going to happen next in the property market, and how does this affect us as property investors? We’re living in strange times because, despite lock-down and the most dramatic fall in GDP (probably) ever, the housing market is going through a boom period. Nationwide have just reported (Sept 2020) house process in…

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The Rules and Regs on Stress Testing Mortgages and Rent Cover Requirements

I’ve had a few questions around Stress Testing (of buy to let mortgages) and how that works.

And, of course, this is an important subject because Stress Testing in effect set’s the maximum amount we can borrow.

If you want to do Buy to Let with BRR (Buy Refurbish Refinance), it’s the stress test which means that the upper limit of value is going to be around £200,000 (this isn’t a precise figure and don’t forget each bank uses slightly different figures and so the upper limit will be different for each bank).

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What Type of Property Makes The Best Buy to Let

When a lot of would-be investors start in buy to let, they often have dreams of buying really nice houses, in really nice areas. But are those the best properties to buy as an investment? Often the answer is no. By and large the best properties for investing are cheaper properties in cheaper areas. This…

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The Rules and Regs on Loans to Portfolio Landlords

Since 2017 the banks have been encouraged to apply new procedures when processing applications from what are known as ‘portfolio landlords’. So what is a ‘portfolio landlord’? The definition of “portfolio landlord” is someone who owns 4 or more mortgaged properties. By the way it doesn’t make any difference if these properties are owned in…

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So What Is Going To Happen Next In The Economy?

So what is going to happen next in the economy, and how does this effect us as property investors? To be forewarned is to be forearmed and all that, so it makes sense to try and read the signs and interpret what they could mean. And perhaps one way of working out what might happen…

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I Have Finally Been Dragged Into The 21st Century

This is a very exciting week because I have finally been dragged into the 21st Century.  Well, it’s said that the mark of a successful person is the ability to adapt, so I’m giving adapting a go : ). Although I admit that I am usually a little slow on the uptake, especially when it…

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The Best Buy to Let Mortgages For Limited Companies July 2020

There’s so much changing in the mortgage market at the moment that I thought it’d be useful to get an update from my mortgage broker on what are the best Limited Company buy to let mortgage deals. I asked him just to tell me about 75% LTV mortgages – because with the model I use…

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The Best Buy to Let Mortgages for Individuals July 2020

Because the mortgage market is a bit volatile at the moment I thought it would be a good idea to ask my mortgage broker what the best buy to let mortgage deals are at the moment for individuals.

I asked him to look at 75% LTV mortgages because I can’t think why you might want a 65% or 70% LTV if a 75% LTV is available.

Here’s what he came up with.

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