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Hard copy version as a Manual in a 4-ring binder

I’ve got some really exciting news. I’m going to run a LIVE “Successful Property Investor’s Strategy Workshop” with all new and up to date content for 2015!

Why? Because the market is poised, and in my opinion we are about to enter a very exciting period, and a great buying opportunity.

So when will the workshop be? Saturday 28th Feb and Sunday 1st March so put those dates in your diary.

Where will it be? In the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the centre of Nottingham.

Amongst many other things here’s what we’ll cover:

2 things you need to know BEFORE you even get into property – but don’t worry if you’ve already started, you can always sort these out retrospectively!

The 5 financial tools all successful property investors use

How to devise the strategy that’s right for you

How to find the properties that fit your strategy, how to buy them, and how to get them at the right price!

What makes the right property

Strategies for 2015 and going forward

What to do if you think you’ve already missed the boat, or left property too late – or put an other way, how to accelerate your results going forward

Why finding the right finance is as important as finding the right property  and how to find it!

How to buy No Money Down using conventional AND/OR non-conventional finance

How to get all or most of your money out of every deal

What to do if you can’t get all of your money back out, and why it probably doesn’t matter!

How to renovate properties for profit and how to finance them

Why not renovating a minging property can sometimes make you more money that renovating it!

And much, much more

As I say, this is a workshop not a seminar and so, although there’s an agenda which we’ll keep to, there’ll also be plenty of time to answer your questions and discuss your topics and burning issues.

So don’t book an early train home!

I really want you to be there and to take action and book your place so if you book now, before 31st Jan, you’ll get a discounted price of only £497.

If you book later, on or after1st Feb to 14th Feb it’ll be £597, and from 15th Feb to 27th Feb it’ll be £697!

So please book now to get the special ‘action takers early bird price’ and you’ll also get loads of valuable surprise bonuses during the weekend itself.

I’m also going to invite my finance facilitator to come and talk and show you ways of raising finance you probably haven’t heard of, let alone thought of, and discuss ways in which he might be able to help you to raise finance.

So click the PayPal button below to book now, to get your place for just £497.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you there. It’s going to be a great weekend.

Here’s to successful property investing!

Hard copy version as a Manual in a 4-ring binder

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